FAQs - General

Below are a list of FAQs for this category.  If your question is not answered below, please contact us.

Q. How do I create an ebook or print cover?
Q. Do your covers suit the requirements of all ebook publishers and print on demand publishers?
Q. Can I try out the site for free?
Q. How do I search cover images on the site?
Q. Can I request a specific cover design?
Q. Are the cover templates designed for use by more than one author?
Q. Can I easily add cover text, font sizes and colours to my cover?
Q. What is the cost if I want to use the cover I create for my cover?
Q. In what format can I download my completed book cover?
Q. Can I use my cover for a print cover too?
Q. How do I download my completed cover once I have made payment?
Q. Can I revise my cover once I have made payment for it?
Q. How do I continue creating an book cover that I have started?
Q. How do I save a cover of interest to view or edit later?
Q. How does the High Res Sample function work for a cover?
Q. How do I change my mail preferences to opt in or out of site emails?
Q. How do I cancel my account?
Q. Is the site logo removed from cover images once purchased?
Q. Where can I obtain a receipt for my purchase of a cover?