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To create your cover simply follow the instructions below.

1. Add Cover Text

Click an Edit Text button above to add text to your cover.

2. Choose Font

Add Text and select preferred font, color, size and line spacing.

3. Add Text Effect

Optionally click to add Text Shadow size and color.

4. Move Text

Use the Position arrows to move text on your cover.

5. View High Res Sample

Click Covers Being Edited then Show Options and High Res Sample. Your device downloads will show a sample of even higher cover resolution when you buy.

6. Purchase Cover

Check cover carefully and Buy once complete to download from your My Account.

Useful Tips

Add a Custom Color

Click a Text Edit button then:
- Click the Color Box
- Select a color by clicking from the colors
- Click Add to Custom Colors then click Okay

Save Cover

Click Save to save work as you create your cover.

Remove a Text Box

Click a Text Edit button then click the Remove Text Area button.

Use a Previous Color

- Click the color box of the previous color
- Note the numbers in the Red,Green and Blue boxes
- Create a Custom Color as above

Alter Line Spacing

Click a Text Edit button and change the figure in the Line Spacing box.

Edit Font colors

Select the color box then use the color slide arrow to change a color